Upon arrival to Seminole Wind Lodge, kick off your shoes, fix a beverage and unplug! We can handle the rest! Just Upgrade your stay! You can upgrade with Lodge Enhancements, groceries, flowers, champagne, wine, craft beer, mixers, chocolates, chef prepared homemade meals and so much more! We can have your favorite beverages on ice; your custom grocery list purchased and neatly put away, your dinner prepared and your breakfast waiting for you in the morning!  We will elevate your experience at our beautiful lodge so you never want to leave!

Simple Provisional – includes approximately 15 grocery items for your first night and the next morning.
Items may be selected from the SWL Grocery List or you can write your own list.
(Example: 1 gallon of milk or 3 gallons of milk = one item)

Fee – $75.00 (+ Grocery Cost + 20% of Grocery Total)

Deluxe ProvisionalEnjoy your family and let us do the work for you!
Select as many items as you need from the SWL Grocery List or simply make your own list!
(Option for further shopping during your stay if needed)

Fee – $125.00 (+ Basket + Grocery Cost + 20% of Grocery Total)

Additional Upgrades  
The Tradition – for our families! $45/night (serves 4)
  • Microwave popcorn with variety of homemade flavor packets
  • Fresh seasonal veggie tray with homemade dip
  • Bottled water
  • Homemade breakfast casserole
The Sweet Spot – savory additions for our Foodies! COMING SOON!
  • Appetizers
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
The Technique – geared toward our craft retreats but can be enjoyed by anyone! $45/night (serves 4)
  • Herbal tea variety with assorted creamer
  • Assorted cheeses with multi-grain crackers
  • Lightly salted peanuts & butter mints
  • Tea sandwiches (choice of cucumber, bacon & egg salad or ham & cheese)
The Equestrian – for our horse lovers! $30/night + $30/stall (serves 4)
  • Rich flavored coffee variety with assorted creamer
  • Homemade biscotti
  • Shavings delivered and stall bedded prior to arrival $30.00/stall
  • Fresh water buckets hung and filled prior to arrival

We can provide a variety of homemade and ready to serve meals for those that don’t want to leave our home away from home! Meals can be delivered any day during your stay or are also great as an arrival meal after a long day of travel!

Ala Carte Upgrades
  • Hay delivered $10/bale (alfalfa 2nd cut)
  • Kalm N Ez grain $18.00/bag (delivered to barn)
  • Salt blocks $3.00 each
  • Extra shavings $8.00/bag
Download the Grocery Ordering Form