How Seminole Wind Lodge Came to Be

I remember watching this Lodge be built years ago and thinking to myself, “wow, I would love to own something that nice some day”.  At that time it was being built to be a studio for local photographers and it was not going to be lived in.  

Years later I purchased the 40 acre parcel next the Lodge and lived next door to it for about 6 years, I always admired the property next to mine.  Again, I thought, “I want to own that someday”.  I just loved it all, the log building, the pond, the woods, the location, everything about it.  I could envision what I would do with it, how I would make it personal and cozy and a place I just wanted to be, “home”.

In the Fall of 2015 I heard that the owners were wanting to sell the “Lodge” so I contacted them, the price was just not in my budget at that time so I just let the thought go, even though I really wanted to have my hands on it and make it into something great.  A few  months went by and the owners reached out to me again, they wanted to pursue other avenues in their career and business and wanted to see the building they loved and built go on to someone they knew would really take care of it and do it justice.  We were able to reach a place in our negotiations to where I could financially afford to purchase what is now called “Seminole Wind Lodge”

So, in the Spring of 2016 I became the official owner of the property I had aspired to own for almost 20 years.  Renovations began in June and with my vision and the help of a great builder, Adam Florian of Integrity Builders, who could see what I saw, Seminole Wind started to take shape!  It started out as a shell basically, there was no kitchen, no sleeping area, an unfinished basement and a wide open floor plan, hence, my dream project!

In the beginning I had no idea that it would turn into such an amazing place, I never thought it would be something people would love as much as I did, but as people started to see it, started to stop by, followed me on facebook, an interest sparked, soon people asked me about staying there, about weddings, about events– it was incredible!

One thing turned into another, soon we were planning for small family weekend get-a-ways to large scale weddings and events.  What could we do to make people want to come here? What would they want to do? What would they need to have?  Why would they want to come?  We decided to stick with the “Up-North” feel, keep it cabin rustic but with modern conveniences.  I love nice kitchens, I love granite, I love big modern appliances, I like nice kitchen pots/pans/dishes/utensils and everything a gourmet kitchen would have so we did that.  I like a nice big bathroom with a super sweet shower, I like slate, I like copper, I like cool lights and “different” set-ups, we put in a whiskey barrel sink, an open concept shower with his/her shower heads, hand crafted fixtures and made the bathrooms super unique, nothing is big box, its all custom and hand crafted, the bathrooms are a view in themselves!  I said, “they need games and places to hang out.”

I didn’t want modern stuff, I wanted it to be old school, interactive stuff, so I found a vintage pinball machine, a shuffleboard table, and an air hockey table, I put in a table for cards, and puzzles and board games.  I put all this in the finished basement where its open and a family can all be together and interact and put the phones down, the tablets down and just be a “family”.   Friends can laugh, talk, hang out and make memories.  It’s just a cozy place to be, you “want” to be there.  Then I had to think about sleeping, there were no bedrooms when we started and I didn’t want to put up walls or take out walls, I wanted to leave it “original”, I also wanted it to feel like a cabin, not a hotel, and not a house, we had to keep it “cabiny”.

I turned the bonus room above the garage into my master suite, It has its own balcony overlooking the property with a view like no other.  It’s a room all its own with complete privacy.  I commissioned my local Amish to build all my bedroom furniture and they built some custom bunk beds for the basement/living area with twin top bunks and queen bottom bunks (bunkbeds seem fit for cabins), it turned out fantastic and everything just “fit” my vision.

I spent hours and hours on Etsy looking for crafters and people with unique talents for things for the Lodge.  Light fixtures, quilts, chainsaw carvings, everything is one of a kind.  As you walk around the lodge and look at things you will see the detail I put into it.  The wood countertops are hand crafted, the bears on the log poles are hand crafted, the large Black bears on the deck are hand made, even the giant lantern, wagon wheel chandelier in the main living room is a one of kind hand made fixture.  No detail was spared.

When it came to the outside my brother had a vision for that, he began to mold and shape the property, he cleaned up the pond, he built a zip line, he made fire pits, built “Photo” areas, put in a dock, cleared trees from the woods, cut firewood for the fireplace, there were many man hours and heavy equipment, everything was a labor of love.

There was a little “barn” on the property, it was essentially used for storage with dirt floors, I took one look at that and knew exactly what I wanted it to be in the near future!  It was going to be my little wedding barn/horse stable.  I could see horses in it on some weekends, and then see it completely cleaned up and ready for a wedding on another weekend.  I wanted slabwood walls, cathedral ceiling, large crystal chandelier, I wanted enough power for a caterer to be able to operate out of, I could see a wedding cake or wine bar in one stall, and gifts or desserts in another stall.  Oh, this was my fun project!  I added stamped concrete, a porch swing and everything else exactly as I saw it!  This little barn will be the centerpiece of many events in the future!

I wanted a gazebo, every wedding property needs a gazebo, a gazebo with string lights and lots of room for the wedding party, so, the gazebo plan went into effect.  We built a raised hill to put the gazebo on with a rock wall front, we placed it in front of line of woods for a rustic backdrop, it became the reality of my vision.  I wanted electric hook ups for campers/RV’s or even for wedding DJ’s or bands, we did that too!  I wanted walking paths, horse paths, hiking trails, ATV trails, we made those happen too!

Come to my dream, come fall in love like I did.  Its cozy enough for two people yet big enough for your whole family!  I invite you to have your bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and family gatherings.  Celebrate your holidays at the Lodge, host your weddings, your graduations, your celebrations of any kind!  
I want to share it with you.